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Energy Management

With the ability to generate energy yourself you can now control it for maximum efficiency and G100 Compliance

Warik Energy owns Coolpower Products and the EMMA brand, we have been installing G100 compliant systems for over a year now. As we were key contributors to the G100 ENA document we have more than 50 installs with clean witness tests completed..

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The Elite Monitor 


The Elite Energy monitor  (Elmon)  alone is quite simply an energy monitor that allows you to monitor the energy use in your household. The Elite use GSM connectivity to upload to the cloud so you can monitor your daily energy use anywhere in the world via the use of a internet connected device. From the in depth data received from the Elmon you can make informed decisions on what other products would be applicable to your energy saving requirements 






The Elite Power Throttle 

Optimise the most of your renewable generator by installing a Elite Power Throttle to store all of your surplus exportable renewable energy into your hot water tank giving you free hot water and helping you increase your energy savings. Couple the Elite Power Throttle with ELMON and you have remote access to your site through the new CPP portal giving you and your installer complete peace of mind. Available in sizes from 3kW to 250kW  EMMA Cascade is EMMA’s bigger sister. Cascade allows the EMMA to be significantly larger by adding on 3kW chunks of power diversion. By using this modular design the EMMA cascade is uniquely placed to cater for larger installs with designs of up to 1MW catered for. This system has proven to be the backbone of a number of heating systems on sites with 10 to 50kW wind turbines and combined turbine and PV installs through out the UK and Ireland. The cascade design is often part of the EMMA with Export Control system where systems up to 225kW of power diversion have been installed.




EMMA Elite 5G with G100 Compliant Export Control to hot waterIMG-20141222-WA0012

EMMA with Export Control has been installed in Ireland and the UK since 2010. It is designed for sites where the DNO limits how much electricity you can export. EMMA with EC is used to overcome limitations imposed because of network capacity. Control electricity exports to DNO limits. The EMMA with EC
allows the export current of 16amps under G83, while the rest is sent to heating loads and other uses onsite. EMMA with EC helps avoid expensive network upgrade costs and aids in the prevention of costly inverter outages. This system is often accepted as the primary heating source on many farms and rural installs in the UK and Ireland.








Elite Inverter Limitation

EPRO IL with EC is designed to control Grid Connected Inverters so that export limits are held within the DNO required threshold. Inverter limitation is best suited to sites with constant high background load that exceeds or matches the peak PVoutput on site. The goal of the unit is to reduce the output to match the export limit on any one phase during short low demand periods.The unit will monitor the output on each phase it is connected to and determine if the export limit is being breached on any one phase. If the site uses a three phase inverter the output will drop to match the export limit on the phase that is reaching its export limit but in doing so the Output will drop on the other 2 phases also. Thus the output will be governed by the phase with the lowest demand.It is important on a three phase system that the phase’s loads are reasonably balanced. In some cases the DNO may accept a cumulative export limit where the export is not on a per phases basis but across all three phases in which case the export limit is calculated as a sum of the three phases rather than a per phase basis.

Battery Storage

The BLUESINE stack presents an intelligent easy to install battery storage system that monitors the import/export of the site and stores or produces power accordingly. The beauty of the BLUESINE stack is its ability to be placed in a convenient location that
has a power connection capable of taking the peak invert output of the stack (typically <20Amps). Instead breaking the mains incoming at the fuseboard the BLUESINE has a remote monitor that controls the stack wirelessly, or by direct RS485 connection.
If it is simpler a CT cable can be connected to the stack instead. The BLUESINE stack uses environmentally friendly saltwater batteries which have an unrivalled cycle life meaning your BLUESINE stack system will last longer than any other system using different battery technologies. At the heart of the BLUESINE stack is the EPRO controller allowing flexibility in your install to add all the other Elite and EPRO features to your storage system. Think of the BLUESINE stack as an EMMA that works both ways, it stores the power when there is excess output but can invert it when there is excess demand.