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FREE Hot Water From Your Solar PV

Elite DisplayEMMA Elite – Free Hot water from your Solar PV Array

Uses your PV array to give you FREE hot water with the EMMA Elite!

The EMMA Elite concept is to use the surplus solar PV energy generated at your home to heat the hot water in your household water tank and save you money.

Visit the Coolpower website for more benefits and features at coolpowerproducts.com

Fit an EMMA Elite and watch your heating bills fall!

You will benefit from:

  • Maximising the use of the free solar energy generated at your property
  • Cutting the cost of heating your water
  • Reduced use of your boiler
  • Wireless communication
  • 7 day programmable heating timer
  • Cumulative meters at your fingertips
  • Super fast install
  • Temperature monitoring without long cables
  • Remote monitoring from the cloud
  • Monitor your production as well as your demand
  • 3 year warranty with fault monitoring
  • 100% Irish Product