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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation Experts

Warik Energy provides top-of-the-line electric vehicle charging stations along with high quality installations to home and business owners. Our goal is to help build the infrastructure that electric vehicles will need as they become more common, and to help our clients reduce their negative impact on the environment while living more convenient lives. Electric cars have been rapidly rising in popularity throughout Ireland and the U.K over the last few years, and it’s important that as their popularity continues to grow, the demand for EV charging stations is met.

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Our engineers can provide you with high quality EV charging station installations and excellent products, whether you’re interested in installing an electric car charger at your home or at a commercial property. We are now the approved installer for Dublin region for EV Box the market leader in EV charging. 

The Turnkey Solution for All Your Electric Vehicle Charging Needs

Whether you need to convert a commercial fleet to electric or install a single charger in your home, Warik Energy offers the ideal solution.

Warik Energy provides  safe, reliable and robust residential and commercial electric vehicle charging solutions. We collaborate with you on product selection, network management software and help to locate grants, providing end-to-end sales, installation, guidance and support.