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Largest supplier of G100 Export Control solutions in the UK 

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Warik Energy is the owner of Coolpower Products and the Legendary “EMMA” product and we have been shipping G100 compliant Export control solutions for over a year. Our products are the only fully integrated compliant solutions for Export Limitation , diversion to Hot Water, batteries and inverter curtailment in one package.

As an early contributor to the G100 Technical requirements document we have the best solution to meet any Export control needs from Zero to MW scale.
Several of the 50+ installations have been DNO Witness tested successfully with no issues , please contact us for details. We offer a full package from G59 , G100 , Thermal diversion, Battery Storage and Generator curtailment for Solar PV, Wind Turbines, Hydro systems and AD / CHP. Export limited systems from domestic to large scale commercial.

We are the first fully compliant G100 export control system , fully installed, inspected and signed off by DNO’s in the UK. Wind, Solar, CHP, AD and many other small to large installations.

Contact us for case studies and information +353-1-894800 or +353-91-395785

Email info@warikenergy.com

For more information go to www.coolpowerproducts.com