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New Builds Solar PV

Solar PV for New Builds

New builds are the ideal time to install solar pv panels. House builders and developers are embracing solar energy as a way to reduce their carbon footprint, meet the part l requirements and also save on energy costs.

Solar PV systems provide a solid return on investment and attract future potential buyers who are keen to control future energy costs.

Warik Energy’s experience in solar energy sector, coupled with our down-to-earth approach and excellent customer service makes us the perfect partners for new build projects.


New Builds Solar PV


Our Design team can liaise with your architects to design the best energy saving solution available to you

Solar PV is becoming more viable and popular renewable energy solution for new and existing dwellings.

Not only does Solar PV increase the BER rating of a home it also helps the housebuilder comply with Part L building regulations. All new builds from 2008 must install some form of renewable energy and Solar PV should be considered in the design stages as a fundamental requirement in the development of a dwelling.


New Builds Solar PV


Solar PV is an asset that will benefit the homeowner in the long term saving the homeowner on energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint

The Solar PV system can be optimised to not waste any energy not being consumed within the household, Rather than exporting the excess energy Warik Energy can harness this energy into your immersion tank or battery storage.

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Some things to consider when if in installing solar pv in a new build;

  • A southern orientation is ideal 

  • East and west facing roofs can still capture over 80% of the energy

  • Minimize roof obstructions to maximize PV capacity and aesthetics

  • Shading can significantly reduce energy production

  • Plan for current and future landscaping, neighboring houses and roof “stick-ups”

  • Approx 100 sq. ft. of roof for every kW of PV capacity

  • A pitch of 30 degrees is the optimum