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van-der-valk-1Van Der Valk Mounting Equipment

unnamedWe here at Warik Energy use only the premium grade products for all of our installations.

The efficiency of solar panels is highly dependent on the mounting system in which they are employed and it was with this in mind that Van der Valk Solar Systems decided to specialize entirely in this area.

The results of this can be seen in the systems on offer, which vary a great deal in terms of sustainability and ease of assembly, for example.

These systems also vary with regard to use and functionality.

Whether this involves a stationary system on the roof of your company premises or a tracker system located in open fields… Van der Valk Solar Systems offers you a customized ‘energy centre’, wherever the sun is shining.                                                                                                                                      

Modular construction
The mounting systems from Van der Valk Solar Systems are constructed in units and can therefore be completely attuned to your specific needs
y(available surface, maximum roof load etc.).
What is more,the well thought-out design,the use of light materials and the pre-assembly of essential components, all ensure that these systems are quick and easy to assemble on-site.

Adjustable angle of inclination
Van der Valk Solar Systems has a unique production machine which makes it possible to manufacture the aluminum support rods in a customized manner. Our mounting systems can therefore be placed at any angle of inclination required.


The importance of sustainability
Your investment is accompanied by a predicted return and this is one aspect that you must be able to rely on. The mounting systems of Van der Valk Solar Systems are constructed using only sustainable materials, such as anodized aluminum, galvanized and coated steel and stainless steel adhesive components.

Suitable for any type of solar panel
Our mounting systems are fitted with clever assembly clasps, meaning that both panels with frames and panels without frames can be installed quickly and soundly. Due to the universal clasp system, the systems are suitable for any make of solar panel. You are therefore free to select your own panel supplier.

Rapid delivery
Van der Valk Solar Systems utilizes the extensive technological know-how and the modern machinery of its sister company Van der Valk Systemen. Due to the high production capacity and the large stock of raw materials, large projects can be delivered quickly.

Reliability and operational safety

In order to guarantee the durability of our installations, our systems have undergone exhaustive tests using what is known as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. These tests expose the unit to airflows and turbulence in different situations that are the equivalent of wind force 12 Beaufort.