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Part L Solar Electric PV

Building regulations specify in Part_L that all new homes must have some form of renewable energy generation. For an urban environment the most viable is Solar Thermal , Solar PV, Heat Pumps or MicroCHP. The lowest cost with the best benefit to the new home owner is Solar PV. There is no plumbing, no maintenance and the Solar panels have 20+ years warranty.

These solar electric modules are typically 250-300 Wp (p for Peak output) each and 1 Meter by 1.65 Meter in size, 1.65M2 each.

Each new home must have 4kWh (Units of electricity) per M2 per year in generation. So a 100M2 home will need 400kWh per year, this can be easily met with 2-3 Solar PV modules based on their orientation.

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