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Part L Solar PV

Part L Solar PV installations, Lowest cost to meet compliance.
Our experienced team can be on site with a phone call with minimum notice, to help you maintain your schedules no matter what. Locally based in Blanchardstown Dublin 15 and with an office in Galway, we are fully stocked and can provide a full PV installation service from panels fitted on roof while scaffolding is in place, electrical commissioning when ESB connected, right through to final sign off documentation and customer hand over packs. We provide an efficient, hassle free, friendly service, that makes our clients stay with us.
Solar PV in combination with High Efficiency GAS condensing boilers are the lowest cost option to meet Building Regulations Part L , but these also provide the best benefit to the home owner.
Solar electric photovoltaic panels are maintenance free , easy to install and give a lifeterm of service with lifetime warranties.
Each kWp of Solar PV will product about 1,000 KWh per year , and in summer product about 6kWh each Day !!.. Any excess that cannot be consumed in your home can be used to heat your hot water.
Solar Thermal produces very little in winter and way too much in Summer, there is no  use for the excess (unlike Solar PV) and the excess is vented to the outside.. 
Heat Pumps work best in Summer, when you do not need them. In Winter they are very inefficient and will run up large electricity bills at 3 x the cost of Gas heating !!!..