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Part L Solar PV Solutions


Award Winning Part L  solutions

Warik Energy are the largest supplier of Part L Solar PV in Ireland, this allows us to deliver the lowest cost solutions with the highest quality products and installation service. We are currently active on multiple schemes, apartments, houses , social housing, commercial.


Building regulations specify in Part L that all new homes must have some form of renewable energy generation. For an urban environment the most viable is  Solar PV, Heat Pumps or MicroCHP. The lowest cost with the best benefit to the new homeowner is Solar PV for. There is no plumbing, no moving parts, no maintenance and the Solar panels have 20+ years warranty.

Solar electric modules are typically 250-300 Wp (p for Peak output) each and 1 Meter by 1.65 Meter in size, 1.65M2 each.


Part L energy saving certificate

Part L requirements state each new home must have 4kWh (Units ofelectricity) per M2 per year in generation. So a 100M2 home will need 400kWh per year, this can be easily met with 2-3 Solar PV modules based on their orientation.

Solar PV in combination with High Efficiency GAS condensing boilers are the lowest cost option to meet Building Regulations Part L , but these also provide the best benefit to the homeowner.

All our products are Grade “A” and SEAI listed, we are the leading installer of Solar PV for Part L in Ireland

We cater for all Roof Types from Tile/Slate to Metal and Membrane, warrantied installations.

See examples above or contact us for case studies.

See our work in Passive House + 



Professional Service, Ease of doing business and customer service is our priority.

Why install Solar PV for Part L?

Installing Solar PV on new build properties has benefits for both housing developers and buyers.

House builders and developers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Solar PV systems help you meet the requirements for Part L

  • Promoting the green credentials of your brand

  • When homes are designed with solar panels, the panels will complement the overall appearance of the properties making them look aesthetically appealing to buyers

  • Your buildings will stand out from those of your competitors, which will increase their demand

In addition, the marketability of your properties will be boosted as you can offer homeowners the following benefits:

  • Reduced electricity bills

  • Protection against future energy price rises

  • An environmentally friendly home

  • Remote energy monitoring functionality 

  • Free hot water from Solar PV energy management system

  • A safe, reliable source of energy with low maintenance requirements

  • A quiet system with no harmful emissions.

Why choose Warik Energy for Part L Solar PV solutions?

  • We provide Home Owner guides, we also meet new homeowners to inform them how to get the best from their Solar PV

  • We provide all of the commissioning and certification paperwork

  • Free Part L solar pv design service

  • Industry leading experienced personnel 

  • Over 1000 Solar PV installations

  • High quality brands

  • Multiple schemes and projects completed within the construction industry 

  • Fast, Hassle free and professional installation

  • On site at your Show House openings

  • We can provide active energy management systems

  • Homeowner after sales support


Active Energy Management 

Warik Energy Miser for Part L

Warik Energy not only provide Solar PV solutions for Part L , but we can also provide award winning active energy management control and monitoring for all Solar PV installations.

Our systems provide real time data to prove the benefit of your “A” Rated homes.

For more information  on the Warik Energy Miser please click below

Warik Energy Miser 


 Warik Energy the Leader in Part L Solar PV solutions

For more information on our Solar PV Part L solutions or our case studies please drop us a line and one of our representatives will be in touch.

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