Warik Energy Miser Hot Water Diverter


The Warik Energy Miser will ensure that you use every bit of energy generated by your Solar PV array on your roof. 

Your Solar PV will generate a lot of energy , even in Ireland and the UK, and mainly from March to October.  Up to 50% of your Solar PV energy will be wasted by exporting to the Grid with no financial benefit to you.

With the Energy Miser you can ensure that you use everything you generate and save money on your bills by diverting to your Hot Water Tank and giving youFree hot water. The Energy Miser comes with full monitoring and remote access from your Laptop, iPad or mobile Phone.


The Fully Compliant product on the market that is Smart Meter ready with a host of features to allow you to manage your home energy costs.

With the Only Award nominated Pure Sine Wave power control. We are the the leaders in this technology and no Fans for improved reliabilitybility – again the only
product on the market without a Fan

With Zigbee and 3G/4G M2M modems the systems are Smart Meter Ready

With Zigbee there are a host of upgrades on the way from Smart sockets, to battery systems and a host of other upgrades. Stay in touch by registering your email.




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