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Solar Farms

solarfarmWe are the exclusive distributors for Fimer inverters in the UK and Ireland. We can supply micro-inverters at 250Wp, up to megastations rated for 2MWp.

Our partners are the official supplier of the worlds largest PV plant

One Gigawatt Installation

FIMER SPA was selected as exclusive provider for PV Solar Inverters with its MEGASTATION for the “One Giga Project”. This project will be realized in the Republic of Serbia from November 2012 and 2015 for the installation of 100 PV Plants of 10 MW each.

This will make this project the largest PV project on Earth. This project is due to commence in April 2013, with the first deliveries of complete power stations (2 MW each). Upon completion 500 2MW Megastations will have been installed.

Patented Technology

Also Fimer central inverters produce 11% more energy than conventional inverters, throughout the life of the installation, using a patented technology (the Modular Power System).