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Solar PV Storage





Warik Energy offers the best storage solutions to meet your needs at the best ROI. Solar – Wind – CHP – Hydro etc.

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  • Ongrid and Offgrid systems  from Domestic to Large scale.IMG_4773_Hydro_Solar_PV 
  • G10/G83/G59 with Export Control “EMMA” system
  • Legendary “EMMA ses” Safe Energy storage – AQUION based , safest battery ever !
  • EMMA ses Grid Safe technology, no Grid permissions required – Online UPS function where Solar PV, Wind , CHP etc. Charges the Battery and our Grid Safe system power assists your premises (only draws from the Grid when needed). Automatic offgrid function in the event of Grid Power Failure.
  • Low Cost entry level systems targeted €3,000


No AquionStackAcids

No Gasses

No HeatNo fire

No Maintenance

100% DOD

Greenest Battery on the planet


Never worry about the lights going out,  losing your food in the freezer , your heating system turning off , or charging your phones !! Our system acts as a Battery backup , an online UPS.