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Solar PV installation

Solar PV power is a radiant energy source emitted through sun light. In order to reduce our energy consumption of fossil fuels and reduce our carbon footprint, Warik Energy can help you harness this energy and use it as a green power source.

This is achieved through Photovoltaics. Solar PV converts the sun’s radiation into electricity by creating an electric field across the cell layers causing electricity to flow.

Solar PV helps to meet the increasing demand for power and coupled with an award winning Warik Energy Miser you can optimise your Solar PV install and recieve free hot water with the excess energy generated through the Solar PV panels.

Ground Mount Solar PV

Contrary to belief Ireland is an excellent host for Solar PV, as it works off sunlight and not direct rays from the sun, Ireland’s cool climate means that the Solar PV panels operate at their optimum efficiency.  

Warik Energy have +1000 installs where the customers are very happy with their savings or want to increase their solar pv installation size to save more!! 

Ireland’s potential for solar electricity generation is as good as that of Germany’s, where Germany has installed tens of thousands of megawatts of solar, currently generating 6% of its electricity with plans to go to 20%


A domestic installation of 5 or 6 kW is typically mounted on the South facing roof of a house, while 15 or 20 kW could be mounted on the South facing roof of a barn or ground mount to supply much of the energy needs of a farm. This demonstrates one of the great advantages of solar electricity; it is completely modular, allowing any size PV system to be built to fit the available space or budget.


Solar PV is a solid investment and commands a respectable return on investment, Solar systems are silent, have no moving parts, require very little maintenance and produce clean energy which is either delivered into home, heating or battery storage for use elsewhere.

Architectural model architectural plans energy efficiency labels

Reduce your carbon footprint and save money on energy bills with the latest in renewable technology and ensuring your energy independence for the future.

We are focused on providing the best ROI for our clients with best in class service and post installation support.

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