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  • ROC’s (Renewable Obligation Certificates)/ FIT’s (Feed in Tariff’s are basically generation tariff’s for generating green electricity-funded by the government.
  • The tariff’s are payments to anyone who owns, and operates a renewable electricity systm such as Solar PV installation. This include homes, businesses, schools, factories etc.
  • The government will pay you up to £0.17 for every unit of electricity (kWh) generated by your Solar Panels. The tariff is paid for 20 years, from the rime of installation.
  • In addition to the ROC’s, you will also significantly reduce your electricity bill, from generating your own electricity.
  • Any excess electricity generated by your Sola PV installaion, is exported to your energy provider via the grid netwrok. You are then paid an “Export Tariff” of up to £0.05 – per unit of electricity (kWh)