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Homeowners who have a solar photovoltaic systems or any renewable generator can now store all of the surplus energy generated in the home to a standard element within the immersion tank, the energy sent to the immersion tank is FREE as this is the energy that would otherwise been wasted as export back to the grid.

During the day when the Solar system is operating at its peak many households are not demanding much energy and this causes the wasted energy, instead the Warik energy miser stores the would be wasted energy into free hot water for your evening bath or shower.

The Warik EnergyMiser is available with full monitoring from your laptop, iPad or mobile phone and with the incredible detail provided you can fully understand your home energy consumption, if you use the App.




copy-of-img_2520With the Energy Miser you can ensure that you use everything you generate and save money on your electricity bills.

Free hot water: The Energy Miser comes with full monitoring and remote access from your Laptop, iPad or mobile Phone.

With Zigbee and 3G/4G M2M functionality you never need to worry about configuring the system and it has the strongest security as demanded by all Grid operators for Smart Metering.

With thousands of installations, millions of hours of data with our commercial “EMMA” system we are the leaders in this technology.

Compliance:With the Only Award nominated Pure Sine Wave power control. We are the the leaders in this technology and no Fans for improved reliability – again the only product on the market without a Fan.